3477          3477 15th Avenue, Prince George, B.C., V2N 3Z3 Tel: (250)564-7880 Fax: (250) 563-2776 Email: facnc_local3@telus.net

Union Contacts

Office Hours of Operation:  9 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday


The Faculty Association Executive:

Name Position Email Local
 Bill Deutch President facnc_president@telus.net 250-564-7880
Jan Mastromatteo VP- Chief Steward facnc_chiefsteward@telus.net 250-564-7880
Bruce Bennett VP-Negotiations facnc_negotiations@telus.net 250-564-7880
Yvonne Yaschuk Secretary/Treasurer yaschuky@cnc.bc.ca 5560
Craig Hull Member-at-Large hullc@cnc.bc.ca 5633
Rob-Roy Douglas Member-at-Large-Non-Regulars douglasr1@cnc.bc.ca 5537
Debbra Hes Member-at-Large-Region hesd@cnc.bc.ca 3308

The Faculty Association Board of Directors:

The FA Executive above in addition to the following members:

Name Committee Email Local
Glenn Beach C.O.R.A. beachg@cnc.bc.ca 5382
Marta Tejero Disability Management tejerom@cnc.bc.ca 5514
George Kaweesi Ed Leave Committee kaweesi@cnc.bc.ca 5518
James Lovitt Human Rights Committee lovittj@cnc.bc.ca 5396
Bruce Bennett Occupational Health & Safety bennett@cnc.bc.ca 5513
Dani Michael-Didier Professional Development michaeld@cnc.bc.ca 5212
John Pacheco Political Action pachecoj@cnc.bc.ca 5373
Rob-Roy Douglas Non-Regular Faculty douglasr1@cnc.bc.ca  
Anna McLauchlan Status of Women mclauchlan@cnc.bc.ca 5316
Marta Tejero FACNC Board Chair tejerom@cnc.bc.ca 5514
Mark Wendling Faculty Board Representative wendlingm1@cnc.bc.ca 5493
Jacob Madjitey Education Council Rep madjitey@cnc.bc.ca 5309

Updated: June 2016